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PureLease Marketplace, our lease sourcing solution, helps you lower your financing costs with fast competitive bidding and automatically loaded leases.

Even though getting competitive bids for equipment purchases is a well-established process in many organizations, procurement departments often don’t use the same approach for lease financing.

Many organizations prefer to use the equipment vendor’s financing or go to lessors they’ve used before. Without competitive bidding, financing costs can be higher, affecting budgets over the long term. Often contract terms benefit the lender and may be inconsistent, making it more difficult to manage the overall lease portfolio.

PureLease makes it easy to introduce competition into your equipment financing process, while reducing the time required to source each lease.

With PureLease Marketplace, you can lower your financing costs and save an average of 7%. Those savings add up quickly for large private and public companies whose leasing portfolios often exceed $100M.

PureLease Marketplace includes:

Lease vs. buy analysis

Centralize lease decisions using current market rates.

Fast competitive bidding

Reduce your bidding process from weeks to days with auto-generated RFPs.

Standardized contracts*

Build the terms you need into every transaction.

Automated lease booking

Leases started with us are loaded automatically.

How it works

Generate RFPs with a few clicks

Reduce the time of populating repetitive items by automatically generating your RFPs. Fill in the assets you want to lease, and we’ll do the rest.

Standardize your leasing terms and conditions*

Our standardized contract, accepted by many of the largest leasing companies, streamlines negotiations, simplifies accounting and avoids predatory buyout and renewal clauses. Our team will help you build the best deal structures for your business.

Get matched with lessors

We maintain a network of relationships with over 500 banks, captives, and independent lessors worldwide. We identify the most suitable lessors to bid on your lease based upon factors such as your credit rating, the country where the equipment will be leased, and the type of equipment to be financed.

Run competitive bidding process

We distribute your RFP – to your preferred lessors and the lessors from our network that meet your needs. The competition ensures you receive the best possible financing rates and contract terms for your lease. We monitor responses to ensure you have enough bids with matching terms and conditions.

Easily compare your bids

You can compare all the bids based upon the Internal Rate of Return, Present Value, or Total Cash Flow. The comparison can be exported to a spreadsheet so you can sort, analyze, and share results. The competitive bidding process helps our customers save 7% on average.

Quickly notify bidders of win or loss

Once you decide which financing offer to accept, we automatically notify the bidders about the outcome. You can even provide your feedback for the lessors who were not a good fit for your business.

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