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We save you money by optimizing the lease sourcing process

We all know it makes more financial sense to lease depreciating assets than to buy them, so why don’t organizations lease more?

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Organizations are not optimized for leasing

No single department in an organization owns leasing which means the processes and communication often work against productivity, cost savings and compliance. Most procurement departments are more comfortable buying assets than leasing them, and going out for lease financing is complicated and time-consuming, especially with limited resources.


It can be challenging to define lease terms, build out RFPs, find lessors, manage the bidding process, negotiate agreements, and then choose the best deal. To make matters worse, organizations often leave money on the table by using the same vendors over and over, not consolidating smaller deals, or not negotiating end-of-term provisions as part of the deal.

That’s why we started PureLease

Sourcing expertise

Since 2003, PureLease has been helping organizations optimize their lease sourcing as part of the LeaseAccelerator platform.

Proven savings

Our proven, repeatable process takes cost and time out of establishing leases, delivering savings on lease costs of 7% on average.

Best terms

We’ve established the best relationships with the largest network of lessors in the market so that lessees get the right lease terms from the start.

Faster deals

For lessors, we deliver active, prequalified organizations who are ready to lease, shortening sales cycles and building a network of qualified customers.

Take back control of leasing.

With PureLease, each department maintains control of their own part of the leasing process, from procurement/supply chain, treasury, and finance to the business units and the equipment lessors.

The result is centralized and optimized lease vs. buy decisions, well-competed deals, the right asset-class expertise, standardized contracts that cover the complete life of a lease from inception to end-of-term, and a process that takes weeks instead of months.

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Leadership team

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Chairman & CEO

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Chief Product Officer